Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Woman = Dying Flowers

Since my last blog I feel like I have been anywhere and everywhere except where I wish I could be and I can hardly think of what it was that took up all of my time except for work. That's so weird to me because I only work from 8-5 Monday through Friday.
I want to comment about the plants that I'm growing in the windowsil. I think that literally only 65% of the seeds that I planted actually sprouted into green life which I understand is common and very shortly after that, I lost about 25% of whatever spouted to either over watering or under watering. I can't quite figure out what happened except that everytime I look at them I feel sorry for the poor things. I plan to find a place in the ground for the survivors by the next week or so and just hope that they transform into the beautiful flowers that they're ment to be.
I am kind of wanting to plant a small garden in the backyard but imagine similar results. I would plant tomatoes, peppers, onions, corn and beans. Kind of a salsa garden but with extra yumminess.
Last summer I did a lot of canning. Especially with my grammy fowers. We have been going through everything except for the jams. Juan doesn't think he likes peanut butter and jelly and we haven't had any reason to use jam. It's time to get creative!
I am contimplating going to school again this fall. I haven't been enrolled for an entire year now but I know that now is the time. I did qualify for a grant I just need to find time to get up to the campus to turn in all of the paperwork.
Juan is still working 5 days a week at Great Harvest. He bakes the bread and the sweets there. I would say he is the most sexy baker boy I have ever seen. I am so in love with him and can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't met him that July 4th in 2008. He wooed me with his soccer skills. Ha ha What a hunk!

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  1. He is very manly when he plays soccer, not that I have noticed ;). As for jams, a tart maybe? Some thumbprint cookies that have jam in the print? You could thin the jam out and make a yummy syrup for pancakes, waffles, oh and a topping for ice cream, yum. I can totally relate with your planting story. Justin did the same thing this spring. Although, it seems to go a lot better with actually planting outside, at least ours do. Be daring, go for it. As for school, you are right, you don't have kids and you have some free money, what better time than now. Love reading your stuff!